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5 DIY projects to try at home right now

These 5 easy DIY projects will keep your home fresh!

1. Updating Cabinet Hardware

2. Painting Walls with Updated Colors

Slap a new coat of paint on any wall and you'll be surprised how much it helps! Skip the gym and spend Sunday morning prepping the room and get to painting! Here's a great guide on prepping your walls and painting.

3. Adding Native Plants to Your Landscape

Adding native plants to your yard is great way to improve the look of your home. Native plants help the environment and are usually hardy and low maintenance.

4. Updating Your Front Entryway

Breath live into your front entry way by adding a seasonal door mat, painting your front door with a new color and adding decor such as lanterns.

5. Giving Your Bathroom a Mini Renovation

Think your stuck with your 1960s era bathroom or builders grade vanity? Think again! You can give your bathroom a mini renovation! You can cover damaged walls with peel and stick wallpaper. Update that builders grade vanity with a fresh coat of paint and updated cabinet pulls. Replace vanity lighting with modern lighting options by hiring a local handyman for less than $100.


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