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3 easy tips for creating an inviting home this Thanksgiving

These 3 easy tips will help you create a warm, wondering and inviting home to entertain in this Thanksgiving.

1. Set the Mood with Music

There's nothing more festive than being surrounded by food and decor that makes it feel like Thanksgiving. You can set the mood to make your home festive by putting on a great holiday playlist. Try looking for curated Thanksgiving playlists on music streaming sites such as Spotify or Pandora. Music serves as a great backdrop and is a no cost way to set the mood and tone of your gathering with family and friends.

2. Use Food and Decor to Style Your Table

Choose your menu items carefully - look for dishes that just scream Thanksgiving with their presentation. Think charcuterie and cheese boards lined with rosemary and cranberry's or cocktails/mocktails with sprigs of thyme and dried blood orange slices. Melding your decor with your food is an easy way to visually enhance your home and satisfy hungry guests at the same time.

Once the menu is planned, it's time to focus on what additional decor you can incorporate. Dress your table with cloth napkins and festive napkin rings. Add candles and a table runner or greenery to add polish to your table. Create a mood board on pinterest to help you choose your decor carefully and to ensure you are creating a tone and style that suits your taste. Pro tip: always have a nice set of white dinnerware that you can dress up with festive napkins, chargers and name cards - this ensures you can style your table appropriate without having to have a set of dinnerware for every occasion.

Looking to get a gorgeous new dining table and chairs in time for this years gathering? Hire a local pro to assemble the table to save time.

3. Tidy Up and Complete Small DIY or Renovation Projects

Looking for a real showstopper? Plan small DIY projects such as painting your guest bathroom walls or even hanging festive wall art. Create curb appeal for approaching guests by painting your front door with a fresh coat and an updated color. Freshen up your dining room with a rug woven with the warm tones associated with fall or throw some autumn theme pillows on your sofa! You can even try replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware. Not such a do-it-yourself type? Set aside a budget to hire a local handyman or renovation company for small projects that make a big impact. With professional help you can even do a bathroom vanity replacement or add impressive kitchen cabinet molding - all for relatively small budgets. Choosing which project will make the biggest impact is key and never underestimate the power of small updates!


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