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How to Find the Right Contractor in Boston

Get expert advice to finding and hiring the right contractor in the Boston area for your home renovation or remodel

For many homeowners, finding the right contractor in Boston can be the biggest undertaking - even more than the actual renovation! You dream of your beautiful, newly renovated kitchen but aren't sure how to find the right contractor in Boston for the job. How can you know are are getting a reputable contractor and a fair price? We've compiled a list of expert tips to help you find the right contractor for your home renovation:

Get Recommendations

Word of mouth is best. Try soliciting recommendations of local Boston area contractors from friends, family or coworkers. Be sure to ask questions about the project the contractor did and make sure the recommendation is actually a licensed professional that was used by your friend/family member/coworker and not just a contractor they know of. Don't be shy to ask detailed questions about the contractors cleanliness, time management and other important factors. If you recently purchased a home, your realtor may also be able to offer a solid recommendation.

Interview at Least 3 Contractors (More if you can!)

Interviewing at least 3 Boston area contractors as a means to find the right contractor is key. Not only will you learn things as you speak to the contractors and ask them questions, but you will also learn about new things to look for in a contractor for your upcoming contractor interviews. They should all be more than willing to come take a look at your project and provide an estimate or at least a ball park range for large projects.

Make Sure Your Schedules Align

But also be realistic. Good contractors in Boston are always in high demand and the last few years have been supercharged. They say patience is a virtue and when aligning your ideal schedule with the right contractor it is important to remind yourself that having the project done well is more important than having it done fast.

Check Licenses

Make sure you confirm with your chosen contractor that they are fully licensed and insured. Being up-to-date on these credentials ensures that your contractor is aware of current building codes and can pull the appropriate permits for your projects. If the contractor is not licensed, they cannot pull permits and be wary of those who cannot provide that information.

Check Online Reviews

As stated before - word of mouth is the best way to get current recommendations for finding the right contractors in Boston or the Boston area. However, reviews online such as through Angi or Google Reviews are also a good screening step. If a contractor has a poor review, it's not unwise to ask them what happened with that situation. Yes, you can't always go by online reviews but they do serve a purpose.


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